Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free Lemonade Stand from Sunkists - USA and Canada

OK... this looks like a totally awesome idea to keep your kids entertained, off the couch and in the real-life learning mode this summer. Plus, have the satisfaction of being able to earn money to donate to THEIR favorite charity.

Sunkist is giving away 10,000 very nice looking lemonade stands to kids 7-12 years old who want to donate their proceeds to the charity their choice. (although the rules do say they may donate at their discretion.)

There are lots of helpful goodies on their site (sales signs, how to price their product worksheets, income logs, etc) to help your child market their lemonade. A very good teaching tool and fun summer activity.

Last year the stands went fast, so apply online now. Available to residents of the USA and Canada.

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