Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free Yoga Class Online

I've never taken a yoga class. I think maybe I've always been intimidated by those super thin, long legged, scantily dressed yoga class attendees. I just don't think I am ready to bring my little mat, water bottle and extra body weight into the mirrored room! Yikes!

But, the good people at Yoga Today have solved my problem. I can do yoga in the comfort of my home in my PJs... for FREE (the best price.)

This is a very nice site. The people who put this together are doing a new one-hour yoga workout show EVERY DAY.

They want lots of visitors to their site because then they will be able to get advertisers. Sounds like a good idea. Hummm... maybe I should try that. Anyone want to sponsor my site?

I digress. Sorry.

Anyway, check out this site. The show that I watched was specifically to help you NOT get Sciatica (which is a HORRIBLE pain in your back and legs.) Any show that wants to help me NOT have pain gets my vote.

So, gather up your mat, water bottle and scanty workout clothes and check out this site.

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