Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ruled Paper - Print your own lined or gridded paper

Have you ever needed just ONE sheet of gridded paper? I have. It's pretty hard to make yourself. So, you schlep (Yiddish for drive, walk, drag your body) to the local office supply store where you pay a king's ransom for a tablet of gridded paper. You justify the cost by realizing that you have just bought a lifetime supply of gridded paper.

HOWEVER, somehow or another..... EVERY TIME I need just ONE sheet of gridded paper I can't find that dang tablet I bought the last time.

So, I schlep (you know what this word means now) over to the local office supply store where I pay a king's ransom..... (go back to paragraph one)

OK. That's my story. You know it's true. It's true of gridded paper, music paper, columned paper, dotted paper, etc.

Enter the WONDERFUL folks at ..... ta-ta-ta-da.

There are hundreds of free downloadable printed paper patterns (say that 10 times fast) available on the site.

A great resource for teachers, homeschoolers and small businesses.

Personally, I'm looking forward to playing "connect the dots." By the way, here is a link to a site where you can play "connect the dots" online.

Bargain Shoppers RULE!

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Bob Stein said...

You find such cool stuff! I wish they let you upload though. I made some triangular graph paper (for isometric 3D drawings) and some for my kids to use this fancy new cool multiplication method.