Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Resnooze - email reminder service

Have you even been at a website and wanted to spend more time reading it but couldn't just then? So, you (1) bookmark the site, or (2) you write it on some scrap piece of paper or even (3) copy the address to a list of "sites I need to revisit." Well, I've never once revisited any of those sites.

How's this? You are a blogger and you get a great idea for a blog entry. So, you do the three steps above. This still hasn't worked.

Or... you have something REALLY important that you need to do. Like find a dentist to take out your son's wisdom teeth (true) and you just keep managing to "forget" to do the dirty deed.

Salvation has arrived in the form of a super simple site called, "Resnooze." Resnooze lets you send yourself reminders. You can receive your reminders daily, weekly, or monthly. Super, super simple and yet effective.

Here is a demo of how the site works:

I have found this site extremely helpful. Hey, I reminded myself to blog about Resnooze and I finally did it. So, it works.

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