Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barter and Trade Fruits, Seeds & Vegetables

I have (finally) gotten it into my head that I really need to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Ideally, those fruits and veggies would be grown in my backyard. Ideally, I would have a garden crew who would help me build, plant and tend to my veggie garden (just like the First Lady.)

However, reality is that I will end up with lots more aloe vera plants (that grow like weeds in my garden) than tomatoes (that the local animals will eat before I get to them anyway.)

Next option... find someone who would like to trade aloe vera for tomatoes!

Ta-da! Guess someone else had a similar problem, because there is now

The idea is: YOU have too much of something you have grown and will trade or sell some of them for something that I have grown too much of. Simple.

There are not tons of people in my area yet, but I think this idea will grow. I am excited for the possibilities.

Do sign up... and take care of how you grow your tomatoes.... because I will trade for them.

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