Friday, November 13, 2009

A new online media viewer -

I'm not a big TV watcher. As a matter of fact, I stopped getting cable TV many years ago. I do have a few favorite shows from the past and a few from the present that I do like to watch. Not enough to pay ridiculous prices for cable or to open up my living room to endless advertisements, but enough to seek them out for viewing online.

Of course, there is YouTube for watching just about anything in ten-minute segments. Hulu has been getting quite a bit of TV programming. Also, you can go to the various major tv station sites (Fox, NBC, ABC) and watch there.

But, if you don't know where to find your program, it can be a bit tough.

New site, just went out of beta today.

Seems to have a better search capability and a bit of ethics. I searched for my favorite show: Inside the Actors Studio, and found it. I also found that you can not legally watch full episodes of that program at this time. So, Clicker didn't have them. But they said to check back later.

I think this will turn into a great site. Check it out.

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