Monday, March 26, 2007

Freebies - something free for everyone

Attention Bargain Hunters.... there are lots of free items to be had with just a few clicks of your fingers.

Companies have known from the beginning of trade that a free sample is a great way to get new customers.

Never has it been so easy for you to find free samples and just plain free products as it is today with the internet.

My favorite way to find these free offers is with Here is a great starting place for you to find freebies including: teacher freebies, computer freebies, beauty freebies, gaming freebies, etc. Personally, I stay away from the pharmaceutical freebies.

Once you start going down the links on this site you may never find your way back. It's lots of fun.

I really like this site because the Guide always lists out what risks there are to signing up for the freebie.

If you are fussy about getting extra email, then I do suggest that you get yourself an email address that you use JUST for freebies.

So, set your browser to and find yourself some great freebies. You can sign up for the email newsletter and you will be reminded to go and check for new freebies when they are posted.

Enjoy, enjoy!

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