Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Freecycle - how to get free things

As my first tip from Bobbi's Bargains, I am going to tell you about one of the best ways to get FREE stuff that you actually WANT and to get rid of stuff (for free) that you don't want anymore.

There is an international network called "Freecycle." Their motto is "changing the world one gift at a time." There are groups all over the world. At this time there are almost 4,000 groups and over 3 million members. Just looking at the list of countries and members is fascinating.

Here is how this works: you sign up to be part of the group closest to you. You receive emails on a daily basis telling about items that people are offering. You email them back and arrange to get the items. You do the same thing when you want to get rid of something. The only rule is that the item must be absolutely free.

I have gotten furniture, books, craft items, and clothes. I have given away moving boxes, furniture, clothes, toys, books, a large piece of broken glass (hey... someone wanted it and I didn't have to haul it to the dump), computer monitor, etc.

This is one of the greatest recycling projects on the planet and sooo much fun.

So, now you go to www.freecycle.org and sign up.

Keep me infoed. I'm curious to see what kind of wonderful goodies my friends get from this gigantic giveaway.

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