Thursday, June 5, 2008

Huge clothing swap and create - Swap o Rama Rama

"There's a new phenomenon sweeping the world called Swap O Rama Rama. Founded by Wendy Tremayne, Swap is a clothing swap and series of DIY workshops in which participants explore creative reuse from recycled clothing. Basically, you bring a bag of clothes and they get sorted into piles by volunteers. You get to sort through all the clothes and work at the various DIY stations and sewing stations to create new clothes! It is the best GREEN event going on! Come on, let's save our planet!" (quote from Hip Line Media)

Couldn't say it better.... well, actually, I CAN add to this blurb. Swap o Rama is tons of fun if you are a creative-type person looking for some new super-cool, one of a kind duds to wear. PLUS, looks of wonderful people to meet.

It's not just about clothing. There is also an area designated to making jewelry. Last time I was at a swap, I made a bracelet with matching earrings out of Monopoly houses and hotels. I LOVE them.

OK... so if you are in Southern California, mark your calendar for June 28, 2008 and mapquest 2210 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA because that is where the next Swap where I will be is taking place. But do not despair if you live in other areas of the country. Swap has gotten so hot, there are scheduled events in such diverse venues as Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, New York and Durham, NC. You can check out where events have been and where they will be by clicking here. For info on the Venice swap, click here.

Admission is $5 with a bag of clothes and $10 without clothes.... so, go through your closet and find some stuff that needs a new home.

Going to one of these events is well worth the hassle of getting there. Have a great time.

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Meredithk1981 said...

What a great idea! I've had "Clothing Swap Parties" with friends, but to open the idea to even more people = even more clothes. :) Thanks for sharing!

-Meredith K.