Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday Online Ads - shop online or pre-shop

If you are going to take advantage of some of the deep discount sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving and possibly the biggest sale day of the year rivaled only by the day after Christmas), then here are three sites that will help you snag the biggest bargains.

These sites, devoted to Black Friday sales, are there to help you prepare for the best sale day of the year.  Of course, the sites are worth their virtual weight in gold, the day before Black Friday. You can use the links to sales flyers to help you map out your shopping route.  Remember, you will most likely get your best bargains at the first store you go to, so you must prioritize.

Typically, the very best deep discounts occur early in the morning.  There are usually a very limited number of the deep discount items on hand and once they are sold out, there are no more.  So, if you see a REALLY sweet deal that you just HAVE to have.. consider camping out in front of the store (WHAT?  Bobbi, are you CRAZY?) or grabbing some Starbucks and standing in line a couple of hours before the store opens (usually around 6:00 am).

I spoke to the Manager of our local Staples to get his view on how Black Friday usually rolls out. He told me that normally, when he gets to the store, one hour before the opening, there are already at least 25 people in line.  That gives you an idea.  He also told me that for the best sale item for the Black Friday Sale - a very low priced laptop - he had only 6 in stock to be sold.  So, you do the math.

Alright, all you bargain shoppers... ready, set, bargain hunt!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your blog readers! I love black friday. I did some research, and have all of my shopping preplanned to maximize savings! You would be surprised what kind of deals are out there, if you search for them.

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