Monday, November 3, 2008

Create a Compact Calendar

 A compact calendar?  What the heck is that?  A helpful little calendar that you can tape to the side of your monitor or other convenient spot so that you very easily check on dates.  Yes, I know... THAT is what a calendar is, Bobbi.  But this little strip of paper taped to the side of my monitor has just been very useful.

My 2008 calendar was designed by David Seah and was meant to help you track projects over time.  You can read more about the original calendar here.

Now, Yoshiomi Kurisu has created an Online Compact Calendar Generator based on the David's original design.  Pretty slick.  You can make a calendar up to 2020 with the Holidays indicated.

Playing with Yoshiomi Kurisu's site is fun... I do like David Seah's version better.  He has expanded his calendar templates to include many countries - perhaps even yours.

So, toss out your cute little kitten calendar and get yourself a nifty compact calendar.

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