Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dress on a Dime - 90% off retail

It seems to me that finding a great women's clothing consignment store is getting harder to find, but finding a great women's clothing consignment SALE is getting easier.

If you live in the Santa Clarita (northern Los Angeles, CA) area of the country, you have a great sale coming up.

Similiar to LA Kids Consignment Sale for kid's stuff, Dress on a Dime is a twice-a-year sale featuring like-new casual-to-designer clothes from 0 to plus sizes, shoes, purses and accessories for women at a fraction of retail price.

Whether your size has gone up or down and whether you are selling or buying, this is a smart way to get some new stylish clothes at 90% off retail (my definition of a sale).

Consignors make 65% of the selling price and get paid within 2 weeks.

The next sale is September 11-13th,2009 at the Residence Inn, 25320 The Old Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91381.

If you can't make this date, then sign up to be notified of future sale dates.

For those of you not in the Los Angeles area, you might get in touch with these nice folks and see if you can set up your own Consignment type sale in your area.

I think it is time for me to realize that I am NOT going to fit into those clothes in my closet that are FOUR sizes too small for me. If I consign them, then I will have the money to buy some new ones at the sale that WILL fit. Oh, right... that's the whole idea.

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