Monday, June 14, 2010

Free TV show tickets

Looking for a really fun, educational and free experience? Get a ticket to be part of the audience of a TV show.

Every day in Los Angeles and New York, there are TV shows being filmed that need people to fill the studio audience. Audience members are needed so much that the tickets are always free. Sometimes you can even get paid to be in the audience.

Of course, it is harder to get the super popular shows, but even those can eventually be obtained.

Most shows have age restrictions and dress codes. It is important to follow these guidelines because you will not be allowed in if you don’t follow their rules.

Here are some really good ways to obtain tickets:

Audience Associates – 818-985-8811 – for free tickets to NBC, CBS, Fox and Warner Bros.
Girlfriends, Last Comic Standing, Jay Leno, Wheel of Fortune and more

Audiences Unlimited, Inc – 818-260-0041 – CBS, Fox, NBC, UPN
Accidentally On Purpose, Good Luck Charlie, Rules of Engagement, Two and A Half Men and more

Jimmy Kimmel Live! – 866-546-6984 (call weekdays 1-4pm) – click here for tickets

The Marriage Ref starring Jerry Seinfield - click here for tickets

On camera audiences - Many shows use this service to fill their audiences including: American Idol, Hannah Montana, So You Think You Can Dance?, Dancing with the Stars, and more

The View - click here

If you want to be a game show contestant… click here.

Tickets for The Tonight Show & NBC sitcoms are distributed at the studio’s ticket window the day of taping or by mail. 3000 W. Alameda Ave, LA, CA 818-840-3537

Merv Griffin Productions Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy 818-482-9840

As with anything free, be prepared to arrive early, wait in line and perhaps find out the audience is full before your turn. Be gracious and have a good time.

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