Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Frugal Festival was fabulous

Just need to send a high five to the organizers of the Frugal Festival that occurred this past weekend in North Hollywood, CA. Check out the pictures of 2010 Frugal Festival Summer swap and you'll want to make sure you attend the next one. (Check out the picture of Bargain Babe and me in my fabulous red "appreciation" cape.)

There were mountains of clothes sorted into categories when the swappers entered the building to the cheering and clapping and chatting of "swap, swap" by the volunteers.

It was a bit like watching the running of the brides at the Filene's Basement yearly bridal sale. Those clothes and accessories just vanished - whoosh! Next year, buy your VIP tickets early and get to the front of the line. But, I must say that everyone that was there when the doors opened had stuffed bags when they left.

As a volunteer, I got to choose one item before the "gates" opened. I chose a wonderful leather purse.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, don't miss the next Frugal Festival. If you are in other areas of the country check into swaps in your locale or read up on how to run a swap and create your own.

The swap was hosted by Julia Scott of Bargain Babe and run by the fabulous Swapaholics. Great gals. Lots of fun meeting them and all the volunteers.

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