Monday, March 31, 2008

Great New Thrift Store in Tujunga, CA

It's not often that I find a thrift store full of great stuff that I really want.... at a great price. Usually if the "stuff" is great, the price is far from "thrift." ... or visa versa.

I stumbled into Esmie's Attic the other day and an hour later strolled out with four fabulous finds. A wonderful throw blanket, a rag rug, a coffee table book and a pair of blue jeans for less money than a manicure!

The space isn't huge, but I was there for an hour because there were so many unique items to look at. The merchandise is aesthetically displayed, so you feel that you are in a high end gift store. Everything is for sale, so if you like the display cabinet... it can be yours. During my delightful conversation with one of the owners, I was told that the inventory is constantly changing. You can bet that I will be back!

Esmie's is on the newly face-lifted Commerce Avenue in Old Town Tujunga, CA. They are not a store front, so you have to look for the appealing display on the sidewalk.

When you stop by, please tell them that you found them through Bobbi's Bargains.

The exact address is 10012 Commerce Avenue, Suite B, Old Town Tujunga, CA 818-641-8045


Anonymous said...

Hi this is MArta from esmie's attic!
Sorry it's taken me so long to adress this, thank you for all you've done for us, we've got customers as a result to your reveiw. we're thriving at esmie's attic and opening a new store in pasadena on june 14th. please pass the word and we hope to see you there as well as at the attic we'll be posting the new store adress in a few days :)

Eric Einem said...

Unfortunately Esmie's Attic has closed. The good news is that Marta has opened a similar store in Pasadena.

It has the same unique and quality merchandise at great prices.

The Attic on Allen
500 N Allen Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104