Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Paper Toys

When I was teaching crafts at a school with a limited art budget, I became quite adept at coming up with art projects that required nothing more than paper, scissors and some folding skills.

Oh, I surely wish that I had known about Marilyn Scott-Waters' wonderful free paper toys site. I think we would have made each and every project on her list.

There are dozens and dozens of simply beautiful projects. I think my favorite two are the Penny Butterfly (design and color the wings, then place a penny on each wingtip and balance on your finger) and Fairy Furniture.

Marilyn's whimsy and joyful-create communicates in all that she does. Reading her journal and looking at her artwork just made me want to invite her over for a cup of tea served in little buttercups.

If you are a parent, art teacher or lover of things whimsical, check out these creations. They are sure to become favorites of your little (and not so little) artists.

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Thetoymakers said...

Bobbi! Hello! Thank you for your kind recommendation. And I do hope that you make a few toys to give to friends.

Keep using your superpowers for good!

Best thoughts,