Monday, February 1, 2010

Rights and Responsibilities when you turn 18 years old

I am constantly amazed when I talk to 19 and 20 year olds to find out that they have already trashed their credit or were taken in by some scam on the internet. Or worse, that they have unwittingly committed and been convicted of some minor crime that is going to be on their record for the rest of their lives.

When someone turns 18 years old in the United States, the rules of the game change.

It is important that you know the rules so that you don't pay for your ignorance. If you have teens that are turning 18 or have turned 18, make sure that they are aware of their new rights and responsibilities. They will save a ton of money by NOT making mistakes that have high fines or lifelong consequences attached to them.

This is a link to a pamphlet created by the California Bar Foundation entitled:
"When you become 18 - A survival guide for teenagers"
If that link doesn't work, then click here.

This pamphlet is specific to California law, but much of it is true no matter where you live in the United States. Many other states have created similar pamphlets, so if you live elsewhere you can probably find one specific for your state by searching for "turning 18"+"name of state"

Make sure your teen is educated in their new rights and responsibilities.

(Note: the link to this pamphlet changed and is now correct in link above.)

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