Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cheap Candy

Dear Bargain Hunters.... today is the day before Easter Sunday and Easter Egg (Candy) Hunts have been going on all over your town. The grocery stores and drug stores have had shelves full of bags of candy wrapped in pretty spring colors.

Tomorrow (Sunday) they need to magically fill those shelves with other seasonal items. Egad! What will they do with all those bags of candy?

They will put them on sale at a DEEP DISCOUNT!

For a day there will be shelves of candy and Easter items at 50% and 75% off. The good stuff will be snatched up fast. The no-so-good stuff will linger but will also disappear. There will be cheap baskets, stuffed animals, "grass" and of course, candy!

In general, I have found that my local drug stores have the most seasonal items and put them on the deepest discount on the day of the actual holiday and the day after the holiday. You can ask your favorite store when they put seasonal items on sale and get there when the sale starts.

Go get 'em, bargain hunters.

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