Sunday, April 15, 2007

Penny Saver USA - another great internet free advertising source

Dear Bargain Hunters....

I have lived in many places in the United States. Each place has had its own weekly free magazine that you either got in the mail or picked up at the local corner market.

Penny Saver is one of those magazines. It has grown with the times and is now online. Yipee!

Penny Saver covers markets in nine states including: California, Florida, Connecticut and Arkansas.

You can select your local region to find anything from Houses for Sale to Farm Fresh Fruit. This is a great source for finding a rental, a used car or a garage sale. It is also a free resource to use for selling your own great stuff.

Those of you living in major metropolitan areas can use the site to get an idea of how much cheaper housing is in Idaho. Those of you living in the boonies (non-metropolitan areas) can get a reality check on how expensive housing is in Los Angeles before packing your bags to head for stardom.

Penny Saver is an old favorite of mine. Certainly Craigslist has taken away some of its earlier luster, but it is still in there kicking as a great source to find and promote local bargains.


Anonymous said...

I use the one in my area Danbury CT. That little publication that reaches over 100,000 homes every week is one powerful Pennysaver. I couldn't believe selling my $2,350,000 home in Ridgefield in it. They offered run until sold classified for only $89. I guess they knew how strong they were. I got 37 calls and sold it after 4 weeks. Great deal great results.

Anonymous said...

I live in Sandy Hook CT and I advertised my tag/ garage sale. I couldn't believe how amny people showed up. We had to cancel day 2 because we sold out.
Mary A.
Sandy Hook, CT