Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What is a blog?

Many people have asked me.... "What is a blog." Here is the short answer:

Blog is short for weblog.

A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.

For more information, go to your favorite search engine and put in "definition blog"

You will get LOTS of links. Enjoy!

Want to get your own free blog? Go to wordpress.com or blogger.com or if you don't like those... go to your favorite search engine and search for "free blogging software"

Gentlemen, start your fingers! (obscure reference to the statement given at the opening of the Indy 500)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free Lemonade Stand from Sunkists - USA and Canada

OK... this looks like a totally awesome idea to keep your kids entertained, off the couch and in the real-life learning mode this summer. Plus, have the satisfaction of being able to earn money to donate to THEIR favorite charity.

Sunkist is giving away 10,000 very nice looking lemonade stands to kids 7-12 years old who want to donate their proceeds to the charity their choice. (although the rules do say they may donate at their discretion.)

There are lots of helpful goodies on their site (sales signs, how to price their product worksheets, income logs, etc) to help your child market their lemonade. A very good teaching tool and fun summer activity.

Last year the stands went fast, so apply online now. Available to residents of the USA and Canada.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Maker Faire - a rave review

I just got back from one of the most remarkable weekends of my life. I took my family to the 2nd Annual Maker Faire in the San Francisco area. (www.makerfaire.com)

This was an event that attracted "Makers" of all kinds to one venue to share their newest inventions and passions. Each booth was another porthole into vast as-yet-uncharted territory for all of us.

There is just too much to try and explain here, but there is tons of information on their site along with pictures of this past weekend's event.

The highlights for us were:

1. My husband and son watched hours of the Combat Robots competition and now they want to build robots and compete with them.

2. My daughter and I spent hours at one of the felt making booths and learned to felt. (Thanks Moxie!) This has opening a whole new area of art for both of us.

3. My son also purchased a fabulous radio control car and will be getting up to competition level with this.

4. My daughter and I were able to carry around a prototype camera purse and take candid pictures of the fair that are on line on the flickr site.

5. We learned about TONS of new technology in the internet world, got a great tip on how to set up a photography studio for cheap, learned to hand spin yarn, discovered an new and free 3D program that can be downloaded from the net, made some very cool jewelry out of recycled materials, found out about an awesome fundraising tool and of course.... walked the hamster wheel to power the giant nose picking sculpture.

6. We met lots of great people, get a zillion new ideas and were generally happier than pigs in the mud all weekend.

All this for a $20 ticket for the entire weekend for adults, $15 for students and $5 for 12 and under. Talk about a bargain.

I'm sure that everyone in my family learned more this weekend than they would have learned in an entire year of Science, Technology and Art classes.

We WILL be attending next year's faire. Check this out. For anyone who LOVES to MAKE things and is interested in what others are doing... this is THE place to be.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best Designer Sample Sale in LA

Voted the Best Sample Sale in LA by "Downtown LA Scene", the Saturday Sale at the California Market Center is the place to go if you want to buy designer clothing and accessories at wholesale and below prices. You can get up to 50%-85% off original retail.

Now... I don't consider paying $65 for a $450 sweater the best way to shop.... but, if you want designer stuff... and a lot of it... and the current styles, then you should get up your shopping courage and get down to the California Market Center on most of the last Saturdays of the month.

The California Market Center is where hundreds of manufacturers have their showrooms in LA. Once a month, they sell their samples, overruns and overstock to the public.

Cost to get in.... $1 (yipee!).... parking is $6 (bring a shopping friend and split the cost). This is a sample sale... they won't take your credit card.... bring cash.

Scheduled dates for 2007 are:
3/17, 5/12, 6/23, 7/28, 8/18, 9/15, 11/10, 11/23-24th, 12/1,12/8, 12/15,12/22. The hours are 10:00 am to 3:30 pm.

The Saturday Sale at the California Market Center
110 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 310-837-6788
For directions, click here.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Free TV audience tickets

Have you ever wondered how those people end up in the audience of TV shows? Have you ever wanted to BE one of those people?

There are several ways to get tickets to be in a TV audience. Getting to be in the audience of your favorite, very popular TV show is even possible.

The major shows all have their own websites. For instance: Oprah Winfrey has a website, Oprah.com. To find out about ticket reservations for her show, click here. Here website notes that "demand far exceeds supply." So, this is probably not your best bet if you are in town for the day and just want to see a show.

New shows or shows that aren't as popular - who DON'T have a "demand that far exceeds supply" - utilize businesses that supply audiences.

One of those businesses can be found online: On Camera Audiences. You can go to their website and find out what shows are currently looking for audiences and sign up. They are promoting a new shows that looks like it will be a big hit: "On the Lot" with Stephen Spielberg. They are just looking for people to sign up to get notified when audience recruitment starts.

You can search the internet for "TV shows"+"tickets" and over a million links come up. I think you will find something there to help you wherever you are and whatever show you want to see.

I've been in a TV audience before. It is fun and informative. A great date, family night out or addition to your itinerary to "The Big City." Enjoy!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Save a fortune on plastic surgery

Have you ever thought that you would be beautiful if only your ____________ (nose, eyes, chin, ears, neck, lips, etc) where slightly different? Ever consider plastic surgery so that you could look like the fashion models?

Do you have a daughter?

Save a fortune and buckets of tears.

Watch the Dove online video "Evolution."

Click here.

Have a truly beautiful day.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Scholastic Books Warehouse Sales

Scholastic Books, publishers of a zillion books, has semi-annual warehouse sales. I haven't been to one of these yet, but I used to go to another book publisher's warehouse sales in Connecticut and they were WONDERFUL! Great bargains. Stacks and stacks of books and book related stuff.

There are scholastic warehouses in every state in America. Go to their web site and find the warehouse nearest you.

If you pre-register online, you will avoid lines and get a $10 coupon. This is a great opportunity to get a jump start on your holiday shopping!

Free Tom Chapin cassettes for Educators

Oh, oh, oh... my favorite, oh yes, favorite children's song writer and musician, Tom Chapin, is giving away free cassettes of his music to educators!

There is no way that I can say enough good things about Tom Chapin's music. The lyrics are thoughtful. The melodies are delicious. These are songs that you don't mind listening to 50 times in a row.

Apparently Mr. Chapin has a bunch of cassettes in storage that the stores won't carry anymore because they only want CDs. So, instead of tossing them or selling them to Big Lots, he is giving them away to educators. (you have to pay the shipping... he ain't totally crazy!!!)

Do yourself and your students a favor. Take him up on his offer. Get ALL the cassettes.

I own all of them and they are our favorites and we wouldn't part with them for the world.

By the way, when my kids were little we to went to several of Tom Chapin's concerts. Not only was his concert awesomely fun, he was also such a nice man. He made himself available after the concert until every single little kid had had a chance to come by and say hello and talk to him. He signed a t-shirt that my son wore until it disintegrated.

I'm so very pleased to be able to promote this wonderful performer. Just click here to go to his website and get the information on this free offer. Tell him that Bobbi's Bargains sent you!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Worldwide Free Comic Book Day - Saturday, May 5th

Free Comic Book Day! Wow! What a concept! I just love it!

On Saturday, May 5th, Comic Book stores around the world are giving away Free Comic Books.

"This year, almost 2,000 comic book stores across the continent and around the planet plan to give away 2 MILLION comic books absolutely free! With up to 44 titles to choose from, the selection of books on May 5 will include comic books for all ages and tastes."

Go to the web site, input your zip code or your country and find a store near you that is giving away free comic books.

Don't miss it... pass this around.... let me know what you choose. Send me a picture of your Free Comic Book Event Adventure and I'll post it on my blog. As always... enjoy your bargains!