Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buy a computer for less than $100

From Dangerous Dan:

Believe it or not...

It's small. It's cheap. It ain't a screamer. BUT, it you need a small computer (7" screen) with WiFi, an SD card reader, three USB ports and not a lot of storage (2GB)for a computer that is under $100, then this is your baby.

Or, if you need something a bit bigger and faster (are you an American?) that is a brand name, Dell has your item. It has an Intel 1.66GHz processor, 10.1" widescreen, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, 802.11g wireless, webcam, 6-cell battery, and Windows 7 Starter for a computer that costs $200.

This is a dated posting. As of June 24, 2010 these links were valid.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Appreciation 101

Recently I received an unexpected “Thank You” present. It arrived with a note of appreciation. The gift wasn’t a trip around the world or four dozen long stemmed roses. It was a Klutz book superhero starter kit with a red cape. I had mentioned in a recent article I wrote for Bargain Babe that it was something I would like. Never in a million years did I think anyone would actually get it for me. But the receiving of this item from the Bargain Babe herself, with an acknowledging note means more to me than many, many gifts I have ever received.

Why? Because we all want to have our efforts recognized. We would like to have someone else see that we are working hard and doing the best that we can.

This recognition can be as simple as a nod and a smile or as complicated as having a national holiday proclaimed in your name. There is a lot of ground in between those two extremes. But the important thing is to DO IT!

Too many people go through their lives thinking that they should say something nice to someone and then don't do it. I've even had people tell me that they don't have time to acknowledge the accomplishments of those around them. I say, that they don't have time NOT to notice them. For sure, people don't enjoy working in an environment where their efforts are not noted. If once a day every single person noticed and commented upon another person’s positive attribute or accomplishment, this world would be a much better place to live.

With the advent of online shopping, the momentary desire to acknowledge someone’s efforts is just a few clicks away. is the undisputed online superstore. From one-of-a-kind Star Trek paraphernalia to the always appreciated gift card, there is something for everyone on your thank you list.

But don't feel that you have to buy someone a gift to say "atta boy" or "thank you" or "you're swell." A simple note or email or sincere words goes a long way.

One of the greatest treasures that we have is our ability to make another person feel better about themselves and thus enhance our world. This gift is free, but it is priceless. Spread it around.
A reader just sent me this link that belongs with Appreciation 101. Click, read, cry and learn:
The Teacher

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Frugal Festival was fabulous

Just need to send a high five to the organizers of the Frugal Festival that occurred this past weekend in North Hollywood, CA. Check out the pictures of 2010 Frugal Festival Summer swap and you'll want to make sure you attend the next one. (Check out the picture of Bargain Babe and me in my fabulous red "appreciation" cape.)

There were mountains of clothes sorted into categories when the swappers entered the building to the cheering and clapping and chatting of "swap, swap" by the volunteers.

It was a bit like watching the running of the brides at the Filene's Basement yearly bridal sale. Those clothes and accessories just vanished - whoosh! Next year, buy your VIP tickets early and get to the front of the line. But, I must say that everyone that was there when the doors opened had stuffed bags when they left.

As a volunteer, I got to choose one item before the "gates" opened. I chose a wonderful leather purse.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, don't miss the next Frugal Festival. If you are in other areas of the country check into swaps in your locale or read up on how to run a swap and create your own.

The swap was hosted by Julia Scott of Bargain Babe and run by the fabulous Swapaholics. Great gals. Lots of fun meeting them and all the volunteers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frugal Festival Swap - June 19, 2010 - North Hollywood, CA

A fabulous swap is happening this Saturday, June 19th, 2010 in North Hollywood, CA at 11020 Magnolia, just east of Lankershim. It is the Frugal Festival Summer Swap.

The Frugal Festival is the brainchild of bargainista Julia Scott, Bargain Babe. In its second year, the festival has morphed into an upscale clothing and swap organized by The Swapaholics that promises some awesome scores for attendees.

The swap has very specific rules that will allow for the best swapping. You drop off your swappables from 10 am-noon. Swap starts at 1 pm SHARP and ends at 3 pm. There is a charge to enter the swap - $15 for VIP tickets (which includes front of the line pass and cool swag), $10 for swapping without contributing some of your own stuff to the swap and $5 for swapping with bringing your stuff to swap. You can buy your tickets online at Goldstar.

For all the specifics including the best places to park and special discount deals in area stores for Frugal Festival attendees, check out the very informative Frugal Festival site.

I will definitely be at the swap. I've been making my great pile of fabulous finds to add to the swap for weeks.

Now, if all of this is just too much for you and you are saying, "But Bobbi, we like simple old free swaps." No problem. At 2:00pm, the doors open up and the swap becomes a free swap.

This is going to be a great swap! Hope to see you (and your stuff) there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Free TV show tickets

Looking for a really fun, educational and free experience? Get a ticket to be part of the audience of a TV show.

Every day in Los Angeles and New York, there are TV shows being filmed that need people to fill the studio audience. Audience members are needed so much that the tickets are always free. Sometimes you can even get paid to be in the audience.

Of course, it is harder to get the super popular shows, but even those can eventually be obtained.

Most shows have age restrictions and dress codes. It is important to follow these guidelines because you will not be allowed in if you don’t follow their rules.

Here are some really good ways to obtain tickets:

Audience Associates – 818-985-8811 – for free tickets to NBC, CBS, Fox and Warner Bros.
Girlfriends, Last Comic Standing, Jay Leno, Wheel of Fortune and more

Audiences Unlimited, Inc – 818-260-0041 – CBS, Fox, NBC, UPN
Accidentally On Purpose, Good Luck Charlie, Rules of Engagement, Two and A Half Men and more

Jimmy Kimmel Live! – 866-546-6984 (call weekdays 1-4pm) – click here for tickets

The Marriage Ref starring Jerry Seinfield - click here for tickets

On camera audiences - Many shows use this service to fill their audiences including: American Idol, Hannah Montana, So You Think You Can Dance?, Dancing with the Stars, and more

The View - click here

If you want to be a game show contestant… click here.

Tickets for The Tonight Show & NBC sitcoms are distributed at the studio’s ticket window the day of taping or by mail. 3000 W. Alameda Ave, LA, CA 818-840-3537

Merv Griffin Productions Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy 818-482-9840

As with anything free, be prepared to arrive early, wait in line and perhaps find out the audience is full before your turn. Be gracious and have a good time.