Friday, December 21, 2007

Great Holiday Links #1

At this time of year, friends, family, businesses and strangers send around links to some truly wonderful, beautiful, inspirational, sentimental and just plain silly websites. Here are some of my favorites to share with you:

"Straight No Chaser" men's a cappella group out of Indiana University, sings Holiday songs. Excellent!
Merry Christmas! Men's A Cappella

Make an online video of your family, friends, pets heads on dancing elves and then send it around. What could be better?
Get Elfed by Office Max

Send the gift of inspiration.
Great Quotes from Great Leaders Movie

The Way to Happiness videos. Great Holiday Message.
Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.

Beautiful animated cards by Jacquie Lawson. For all seasons and reasons. Not free to personalize, but free to see.
The Most Elegant E-cards on the Web.

Make lovely, handmade pop-up Holiday Cards. Here is the link to the:
Pop-up Christmas Tree Card

For those of you who want your gifts to be recycled AND artistic, here is:
Wrap Art

Comedian Anita Renfroe sings all the things that a mom says in 24 hours to the tune of the William Tell Overture. A must see for all moms. OK... this is NOT a Holiday Link... but it's a perfect link at ANY time.
William Tell Overture Mom

This is List #1. Be on the look out for List #2 as I am sure I will be getting more soon.

Attend Free Online College Courses

Did you ever wish that you could go back to college and take just a few more classes in some subject? Do you wish that you could send your husband or kids to Tufts or MIT or Berkeley to do some studying?

Of course, we "all know" that just dropping in for a few classes at MIT, Berkeley, Stanford or UC Irvine is "out of the question" unless your neighbor teaches there or you get a kick out of sneaking into classes on college campuses (a fun, but time consuming way to obtain knowledge.)

Not so, little bird!

There are TONS of FREE online college courses! No, I'm not kidding.... there are a jillion course lectures available online,...that you can just watch for free.

Currently, my son and I are watching a wonderful Course on the Constitution by Michael Badnarik (the 2004 Libertarian Candidate for President) and also a Physics class from Professor Lewin, one of the most beloved Professors at MIT. These can be hard subjects... but we are thoroughly enjoying gaining our new knowledge. It leads to fabulous conversations and increased understanding of life.

Will you get "college credit" for taking free online college courses? No. You have to "pay" for college credit (don't get me started).... but, you WILL get the knowledge from these courses.... knowledge is FREE.

Here is a link to a site of Universities withe the best free online courses: click here.

The best thing about these classes? If the prof is boring or not worth your time .... you can make him or her disappear with a click of the mouse. Not to mention, you get to go to class in your pajamas.