Saturday, March 28, 2009

Compare Gas, Cell Phone and Credit Card Prices

OK, this is awesome. (Thanks JC and Susan.)

This site helps you to make your way through the complexities of the fine print of cell phone plans, gas prices and credit card deals.

I was most interested in finding the best gas prices. I put in my home address (I didn't give the exact address) and my work address (again, I wasn't specific) and type of car I drive and in seconds I got a list of the gas stations with the best prices. Turns out that if I would go a couple of blocks out of my way, I could save about 25 cents on a gallon of gas! THAT'S a bargain.

Plus, the read out tells you if it is one of those funky gas stations that doesn't take credit cards. I hate those. They post the lowest price and then charge you extra to take your debit card. Not OK!

This site was started when the founder's wife tried to compare cell phone programs. I KNOW how impossible that is. It is just (intentionally) TOO confusing to figure out.

My only concern about this site is that it asks for information that I don't normally give out - so I used made up stuff. You can decide how you want to handle it.

I think it is a useful tool. Let me know what you think.

Simple Ways to Stop Acne Naturally

I am blessed with great skin. So is my husband, so are my kids. But I realize that for many people, acne is a painful, embarrassing and constant source of upset.

Here is a wonderful video by Mr. Mercola about Simple Ways to Stop Acne Naturally. If his ideas work for you, it will have been worth my time to have posted this.

Click here to watch the video.

Barter and Trade Fruits, Seeds & Vegetables

I have (finally) gotten it into my head that I really need to be eating more fruits and vegetables. Ideally, those fruits and veggies would be grown in my backyard. Ideally, I would have a garden crew who would help me build, plant and tend to my veggie garden (just like the First Lady.)

However, reality is that I will end up with lots more aloe vera plants (that grow like weeds in my garden) than tomatoes (that the local animals will eat before I get to them anyway.)

Next option... find someone who would like to trade aloe vera for tomatoes!

Ta-da! Guess someone else had a similar problem, because there is now

The idea is: YOU have too much of something you have grown and will trade or sell some of them for something that I have grown too much of. Simple.

There are not tons of people in my area yet, but I think this idea will grow. I am excited for the possibilities.

Do sign up... and take care of how you grow your tomatoes.... because I will trade for them.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Income Tax Savings Tips

I just read the very best article on saving money on your income tax return. I could not say it better, so I am just going to put the link:

Squeeze Every Last Dollar Out of Your Income Tax Return

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cheap International Calling

A few weeks ago, a visitor at my house needed to make an international phone call. It was something that needed to be done immediately, so she made the call. It was over thirty minutes.

We figured.... how bad could the costs be?

I had my attention on this, so I called my phone carrier (Verizon) and found out that because I didn't have an international calling plan, the call was going to cost about $1.50 a minute!! Yikes!

Luckily, I had called in time and I added an international plan to my phone plan. This dropped the rate down to 4 cents a minute! It cost about $5 a month for this plan, so it was worth it. Of course, now I have to remember to cancel the plan so I don't keep getting charged.

The morals of this story?

1. International long distance calling is EXPENSIVE if you don't have an International Plan.
2. If you DO make a call on your expensive plan, call your company right away and they may be able to help you lower the rate.
3. If you only make infrequent international calls, you should find a company that specializes in cheap rates for infrequent international calling.

Now I know #1.
I did #2.
Here is #3.

You can try out this company with a free international phone call. The way it appears to work is that you register, then you call Rebtel and put in "your friend's" number that you want to call. You are then given a number that is a "local" phone number for "your friend." Therefore, you are only charged local rates. A bit confusing, but I think that is why the first call is free.

You can use this service on your landline or your mobile phone. Sounds pretty good to me.

I be there are other cheap international calling programs out there. Send me a comment and I'll post them here.

Remember... staying in touch with friends and family is important.... even if they are in another country.