Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Resnooze - email reminder service

Have you even been at a website and wanted to spend more time reading it but couldn't just then? So, you (1) bookmark the site, or (2) you write it on some scrap piece of paper or even (3) copy the address to a list of "sites I need to revisit." Well, I've never once revisited any of those sites.

How's this? You are a blogger and you get a great idea for a blog entry. So, you do the three steps above. This still hasn't worked.

Or... you have something REALLY important that you need to do. Like find a dentist to take out your son's wisdom teeth (true) and you just keep managing to "forget" to do the dirty deed.

Salvation has arrived in the form of a super simple site called, "Resnooze." Resnooze lets you send yourself reminders. You can receive your reminders daily, weekly, or monthly. Super, super simple and yet effective.

Here is a demo of how the site works:

I have found this site extremely helpful. Hey, I reminded myself to blog about Resnooze and I finally did it. So, it works.

Free Directory Assistance (for business numbers)

I've already written about a way to get free directory assistance and driving instructions, but here is another one worth checking out: 1-800-GOOG-411. Brought to us from our friends at Google. This is not a new service, but one that could help you out when you need to find a shoe maker to fix your high heel that you broke on the way to the Academy Awards.

Check out the video. For specific info, go to the 1-800-GOO-411 site.

Thanks to Nancy for reminding me of this money saving tip.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hey It's Free - a worthy freebie site

I used to do a lot of freebies - especially when my kids were little. It was fun to get little freebie toys that they would enjoy. However, now, most of the freebies and the freebie sites that I find just don't seem to be worth it and seem too spammy.

Enter... Hey its free ... a new and wonderful freebie site. The owner of the site says, "I spend my days looking for 100% legit, non-spammy freebies."  Sounds good to me.

Check it out.  Right now they are running the links to some delicious looking free chocolates, free k'nex and free bowling.  Looks like I have found a source for this year's stocking stuffers.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Service your Heating System to Save Money

My husband, the HVAC (HEATING, ventilation and air conditioning) expert.... wanted me to remind you all, that your heating systems need to be serviced in order to cut down on your energy cost and keep your system running effectively when you need it. With the cost of energy rising, you want to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

A heating system that is in need of service will not only leave you cold when you need heat, but will be costing you more to run.

A typical heating system service call would include:

* Cleaning the blower motor and fan section

If the blower motor is dirty, it will tend to overheat and burn up, making your system non-operational and costly to fix.

If the fan blades are dirty, they won't move the proper volume of air, thus not heating your home sufficiently and costing you more to operate.

* Checking electrical connections

If your electrical connections are loose or faulty, they could end up disconnecting (at the worst time, of course) and render your system inoperable.

* Checking burner operation or heat pump operation:

- In a gas-fired furnace, that would mean checking the condition of the heat exchanger and the condition of the burner.

Checking the integrity of the heat exchanger in a gas fired system is important. If it is not intact, it is dangerous because combustion fumes will be entering the house. At the very least this could cause headaches, at the very worst, it could cause an explosion.

- In a heat pump system, that would mean checking that the reversing valve is operating correctly.

If the reversing valve doesn't operate it will be stuck in one position – either in heating or in cooling, thus possibly creating expensive damage to the air conditioning system by causing compressor failure.

The filter should be cleaned or replaced at this time of year. Most service technicians do not carry filters on their trucks since there are so many different sizes. However, a nice service technician would probably change the filter for you if you had one on hand at the time of servicing. You can find the location of your heating system filter in the manual for your system. Then you can look at the filter to find the size. If you no longer have the manual, many manufacturers have the manuals available for download online at their websites. You just need the make and model number of your system to find the manual.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is better to get this service done now, while it is still mild weather and your heating system is not a necessity. Waiting until it is cold and you absolutely need your heating system to work is not wise.

OK…. I’ve done my duty and told you.

Free Admission to Disneyland or Disney World on your Birthday

Going to Disneyland or Disney World is far from cheap. But this year, on your birthday, if you register in advance on their site, you can get a free day pass to Disneyland or Disney World.  Hey, this is a pretty good present, as a day pass costs $69.

If you are already an annual ticket member, and you go to the park on your birthday, you can get a present of equal value.  (a merchandize gift card, a special fast pass, or a pass to be used later in the year.)

This offer is ONLY good on your birthday.

Make sure you read my (soon to be written blog) on how the Bargain Queen saves money on her trip to Disney.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Freedom to Vote - Priceless - Register to Vote

We live on a country were we have the freedom to vote.  But, if you don't use your freedoms, you lose them.  It costs nothing to use your freedoms.  You don't have enough money to get them back once lost.

Check out this very cool video re REGISTERING TO VOTE.

It's well worth your time.

Or if you're not registered then go to the second site listed.

Don't procrastinate.  Do it now! 

register on line at:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Calculate gas cost for your road trip

Thinking of going to visit your sister who lives several states away, but wondering how much it will cost in gas to get there?  That is just a lot of math - whew!  Get out the calculator, or.... go to

This is a simple and fun site that will do just that... figure out the cost (in gas) to drive from point A to point B in your make and model car.  Doesn't have all the models and only goes as far back as 1999 (guess they figure you shouldn't go on a long trip with a car older than that), but you can get a rough idea.

Check it out.  Maybe it costs less than you thought to go visit your sister.

Friday, October 3, 2008 - one ultra-sale item daily

How could it be that I have never heard of  Thanks to Julia Scott from the LA Daily News, reporter and bargain blogger - - for letting me know about this one.  Whew!  I almost missed knowing about a very cool bargain site.

So, what is  Well, per their website: " is an online store and community that focuses on selling cool stuff cheap."  Sounds like my kind of site.

However, there is a wonderful little catch. From their site: "We sell one item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced. We offer a new item every single day. The details: a new product is released every morning at 12am central time, seven days a week. (If you're not a morning person, this can be described as every night at midnight. Better?) If a product sells out during its run, a new item will not appear until the next release time. You will know if a product is sold out, because the main page says "SOLD OUT" instead of "I want one". (Clever, eh?)"

There IS a warning that goes with this site.  They will probably have a great deal on something that you don't actually need.  A bargain isn't really a bargain if you didn't need it.  Be forwarded.

How to navigate by the stars

Here's a quick and easy.... gee, I always wanted to know that.

How to navigate by the stars. A two minute online video at

Find and Report Speed Traps

I remember driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with my father, many long years ago, and noticing that some drivers were blinking their headlights at us.  I asked my father about this and he said that blinking your lights was a way to tell other drivers that there was a speed trap (police just a-waiting for you to speed passed them and then give you a speeding ticket) up ahead.

I thought this was soooo cool.  A magic signal for drivers to communicate to each other.

As we all know, the times they are a-changing.  But, drivers STILL want to communicate with each other and let them know about speed traps.  Enter  A way for drivers to let other drivers know about speed traps.

Trapster has been around for awhile, but it seems that they have added some cool, high tech ways of sending exact locations of traps in real time via your phone.  They even have a little video to show you how it works.

This is a free service.  You do need to register.

Oh, another cool thing about this site... it is INTERNATIONAL!  You can see where the speed traps are in Paris or Melbourne.  Admittedly, the information is much more thorough in the states, but it IS fun to know there are speed traps around the world.

Enjoy this one.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Shipping Coupons and Coupon Codes - how to find it and how to get it

Love online shopping, but hate paying for the shipping?  Guess a bunch of other people felt this way too and made a website called,

A lot of the "big guys" like Gap, Nordstroms, Sierra Trading Company, Best Buy and Target are there.  But so are the "little guys" like Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, Crock Pot, Half Price Costumes, Hobby Tron, and Yes Asia.

Some of these are totally free shipping, but a lot of them seem to be free shipping with a minimum order.... but, if you are going to buy anyway, might as well get the free shipping.

Don't miss the blog.  There is LOTS of cool stuff on the blog.  Also coupons.  A site worth checking out if you are an online shopper.