Sunday, March 25, 2007

Timing is Everything - knowing when to buy what

OK, bargain hunters, here is today's lesson:

Timing is everything... you've heard this before. It holds true in many areas of life, and it certainly holds true in bargain hunting.

Here's a great example.

You need an air conditioner. You REALLY need the air conditioner in the middle of a blazing heat wave in the middle of the summer. Imagine what a window air conditioner will cost when the weather outside is above 100 degrees. IF you can even find one to buy...

Now, think SNOW... think FREEZING... think hats and gloves, sweaters and snow boots (you folks in Southern California, think... long sleeved shirts). What do you think an air conditioner will cost during this weather? BIG difference!

This difference even holds true at Yard Sales (my favorite shopping place). During the hot months an air conditioner will be snapped up at a Yard Sale. During cold weather, that same air conditioner will go for almost nothing.

Why? Don't know. Maybe people forget that it will ever get warm again. Maybe the person selling the item doesn't think of it as having any value. But, I tell you... this is TRUTH!!

Yes, yes, yes... I know that there are SALES during "the season." But, I hardly ever find REAL bargains during a "Season Sale." There ARE bargains to be had during the "End of Season Sale." I just bought a fireplace grate at Home Depot for $2.50... it retailed last month for $18.95.

So, when it is cold, buy things for warm weather.... air conditioners, pool supplies, bathing suits, patio furniture, bar-b-ques, etc.

When it is warm/hot, buy things for cold weather ... space heaters, winter coats, flannel pajamas, ski equipment, etc.

And of course.... when to buy Christmas decorations? The day after Christmas, of course.

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