Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thift Shop Finder

Finally.... someone made the website that I always hoped would be created ... an online national Thrift Shop Finder! The website is called, "The Thrift Shopper." ( There are already over 7300 Thrift Shops listed. Just a few clicks and you can have a listing of charity based thrift shops in your area. The listing includes store name, address, hours, telephone number, affiliated charities, and a link to a map. Who could ask for more? Well... there IS more... an online magazine, a forum, classifieds, etc. Get ready for a fun web surfing time on this one.

If your favorite, charity based Thrift Shop is not listed, you can add it. You can also rate the shops that you know. Help your favorite shop get some good publicity by posting a good review.

Don't forget to visit this site before you take a vacation. Make a list of Thrift Shops in your vacation destination. You can pick up local memorabilia for a fraction of what it would cost retail.

There is also a link to a syndicated cartoon strip that takes place in (of course) a Charity Thrift Shop - cute. It's called, "Heaven's Love Thrift Shop." (

So, check out this site. Create a local list for yourself (including the maps). Stick the list and maps in your glove compartment. Then... when you find yourself in the area of town where the shop is, you can drop in and check it out. We must use our gas miles wisely.

Happy Thrift Shop Shopping!

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