Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Gratitude Sign - it costs nothing

Show gratitude. Simple. Important.

How to show gratitude in a simple way - a sign?

Someone.... I don't know who... has made a video showing how to use a simple sign to show gratitude to our troops. But, not just our troops.... to anyone that should be shown gratitude.

I have found that everyone does something every day that should be acknowledged. Your postal worker, the grocery clerk, the bus driver... your MOTHER!!!! Sometimes, people find it hard to go up to someone and just be sincere and say, "Thank You."

This video and the campaign, The Gratitude Campaign, that goes along with it, shows how to easily say, "Thank You."

It only takes 2 minutes to watch.

I think the world would be a better if everyone took the 2 minutes to watch and apply this little sign.

Click here to see the video, The Gratitude Campaign.

Thank you.

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BusinessLife Weekly said...

Thank you for bringing gratitude into your and others lives.

Peter Marcus