Thursday, July 24, 2008

Search every Craigslist Site at Once

Oh this is SUCH a good tip that I just have to share this with everyone.

So, you know how sometimes you are looking for something on Craigslist but that thing isn't for sale on your local city Craigslist site? So, you wonder, gee... does someone in another city have one of these things that I wanted listed on Craigslist? After all, I want this thing sooooo badly that I am certainly willing to pay shipping charges. So, you start clicking on other cities... like Baltimore, Maryland or Greensburg, Pennsylvania or Terra Haute, Indiana.

Well, wouldn't it be nice if you could just search EVERY Craigslist city at once? That's a trick question because that is the name of this post. Ok... so, yes... there IS a way to do this.

You can find how to do this little trick by going to:

It's sooooo cool. I surely wish I had known about this when I was looking for that great pair of jeweled blue sunglasses that I just HAD to have last summer.

Here's to finding exactly what you want WHEREVER it may be.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this tip!! Easy to do and works like a charm. I'll be trying this many times in the future.

Unknown said...