Friday, August 22, 2008

Keywords Hiring Managers Look For

From comes the results of a survey on over 3,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals regarding keywords they look for in resumes.

Hiring managers often use electronic scanners to rank candidates based on a keyword search of applications, so make sure to pepper keywords into your resume as they apply to your experience.

The terms employers search for most often are:
  • problem-solving and decision-making skills (50 percent)
  • oral and written communications (44 percent)
  • customer service or retention (34 percent)
  • performance and productivity improvement (32 percent)
  • leadership (30 percent)
  • technology (27 percent)
  • team-building (26 percent)
  • project management (20 percent)
  • bilingual (14 percent)
Seems to me like using these words will give you an edge, not only in your resume, but when having a face-to-face interview.  Use these keywords in your conversation when talking about your views and experience to your potential employer.  Way better than talking about the day that your grandmother's goat ate the wash off the line.

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