Friday, October 3, 2008

Find and Report Speed Traps

I remember driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with my father, many long years ago, and noticing that some drivers were blinking their headlights at us.  I asked my father about this and he said that blinking your lights was a way to tell other drivers that there was a speed trap (police just a-waiting for you to speed passed them and then give you a speeding ticket) up ahead.

I thought this was soooo cool.  A magic signal for drivers to communicate to each other.

As we all know, the times they are a-changing.  But, drivers STILL want to communicate with each other and let them know about speed traps.  Enter  A way for drivers to let other drivers know about speed traps.

Trapster has been around for awhile, but it seems that they have added some cool, high tech ways of sending exact locations of traps in real time via your phone.  They even have a little video to show you how it works.

This is a free service.  You do need to register.

Oh, another cool thing about this site... it is INTERNATIONAL!  You can see where the speed traps are in Paris or Melbourne.  Admittedly, the information is much more thorough in the states, but it IS fun to know there are speed traps around the world.

Enjoy this one.

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