Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yard Sale Treasure Mapper

When I first started going to yard sales (many moons ago), I would get the listings on Friday night and meticulously go through them, circling the ones that looked interesting. Then, I would get out my map and figure out where each sale was. Next, I would have to figure out the best route to hit all the yard sales - using the least gas, the least time, AND hitting the ones that sounded the best first. This was a rather time consuming activity (although it is a MARVELOUS way to learn the roads in your community.)

I have just found a FABULOUS tool for those of us who love to yard sale in an organized fashion. Yard Sale Treasurer Map

This mapper is still in Beta, but it looks like the real deal. You input your starting location and how many miles radius you want. Then the program searches all the garage sale listings on Craigslist and maps them out. You can add extra stops with just a click and drag. Then you can print out directions! Whoopee!!

This means you can easily go to yard sales in strange towns when you happen to be traveling on a yard sale day. Oh, the glory!

If you try this out early in the week (Monday or Tuesday), it might not give you any listings. Most yard sales don't get listed until the day before or day of the sale. So, try it out on a Friday or Saturday for best results.

This may just be the very best find ever!


Lori said...

Oh boy! This sounds like fun...I will have to try it out when it finally gets warm enough in Northern Kentucky to want to GO to any garage sales!!!
Thanks for sharing this, Bobbi. I love your posts!

Reeran said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's wonderful and timesaving!