Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Easily Map your Yard Sale Route

Technology is so awesome for a bargain hunter. No longer do I have to spend hours and hours with my newspapers and maps to figure out how to get the best bargains on Saturday morning. Now, in just a few minutes, I can find the sales I want to go to AND map my route.

I wrote about another yard sale treasure map a while ago. This new site, Gsalr.com (garage sales, yard & estate sales by map) is very similar to Yard Sale Treasure Map, but more user friendly. The map loaded faster and it was easier to add the sales I wanted to map and ignore the others.

Both Yard Sale Treasure Map and Gsalr pull the majority of their info from Craigslist. However, Gsalr (what DO those letters stand for??) also has a feature to add your own yard sale info. The standard ad is free and if you want to make it more visable in the list (bold letters, etc) you can pay extra using pay pal or a credit card.

Another smart feature of this site is that you can sign up and get a reminder email of the upcoming garage sales in your area.

If you have another way to find where "X marks the spot" on Yard Sale day, let me know.

Happy Hunting.

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