Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California and Worldwide Library Search

Anyone that knows me, knows that I simply love libraries. I think that they are one of the greatest assets we have. I also love that there is something that is being done with my tax dollars that I agree with.

I just found this great site where you can search for materials and find out which libraries have it.

I have this very, very rare book that I always search for when I am looking to see how good a book search engine is. My rare book is a children's book called, "Boppet, please stop it" by Ida Binney. It is without a doubt my favorite children's book. We had a copy of it when I was a little girl and it is just a great read. When the great family estate was distributed, my nephew got the book. Of course, he currently has the youngest child in the family, so I guess it is only fair that he have the book. I certainly hope he is taking care of it.

But, I have lost the point of this post. This really cool search engine where you can search for your needed material. You can search specific areas of California or the entire world. Cool.

The search will let you know where you can find your needed book, manuscript, tape, article, etc. The libraries are listed out starting with the one nearest to you.

The name of the search site? Simple enough... California Libraries Catalog...

Happy reading.

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