Monday, May 31, 2010

Obon Festival - unique family adventure

Looking for something different for a family outing?

From my friend, Naomi, who has helped many, many teens to grow into fine adults has let me know about the ancient Buddhist Obon festivals to honor and remember one's ancestors that includes joyous folk dancing, religious observances and traditional Japanese foods. Apparently this festival is the most authentic cultural event remaining in Japanese America.

Festivals occur at different times at various communities around the world. Seems like a really fun street party with colorful dancers and lots to see the learn about.

Here is the 2010 calendar of Obon events in the Southland. Here is the link to a big West Los Angeles Obon Festival.

Anyone else been to one of these festivals? Share your experiences.

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Suzane said...

i enjoyed Obon festival.I get to know more about this.

Kimonos were worn by young and old, men and women alike. They were artwork in there own right, from both the front and the back.

A seasoned dancer patiently reviews the moves with a young girl who is just learning the techniques, prior to their performance.

A beautiful dancer who has perfected the graceful movements of the traditional Japanese Bon Odori dance.