Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super cheap activities to keep teens occupied

So, you are about to have a houseful of family - young and old. The men want to watch TV, the women want to talk and the kids are bored out of their minds unless they are plugged into their electronic devices.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something different to do using just the items you already have in your house?
Here are five fun and time consuming activities to occupy your tweens and teens (and maybe their parents) without costing a bundle:
  1. Make this crazy paper toy. Watch the video. Good luck making this ingenious paper toy. Materials: sheet of paper, scissors a bit of tape.
  2. Cool paper pop up. This requires an exacto knife for cutting anLinkd a surface that one can cut on - like a thick piece of cardboard.
  3. Paper treat cups. These are cute cups that can be decorated for your holiday table.
  4. Learn to draw a perfect freehand circle. This one won't take up too much time to learn, but could bring about some great pictures of round objects.
  5. Origami transformer ball. This is a GREAT project. Requires a hot glue gun and patience.
Let me know if you make any of these great paper projects. Have a Happy Holidays!

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