Thursday, June 11, 2009

Homemade Ginger Ale

I love ginger ale. When I was a kid, I occasionally was offered a ginger ale as a special treat. In retrospect, I realize that it was at times that I was someplace where all the adults were drinking alcohol and the ginger ale was a mixer. That is why it was presented by a waiter in a special glass with fancy ice cubes and an umbrella.

Since those days, I have become a ginger ale snob. I don't want just ANY ginger ale. I want a GOOD ginger ale.

Of course, I also like ginger, therefore, I like Chinese food, therefore I have experienced massive MSG overdoses, therefore I have a huge collection of individual soy sauce bags in a drawer of my kitchen. These sorts of things just follow one after another.

Anyway... today I found a recipe to make homemade ginger ale. Not just any recipe, but one that looks easy and doesn't take all day. Oh, be still my beating heart.

Now, in my excitement, I am sending you the link to the recipe without trying it myself. BUT, I have looked at it and am inspired and encouraged.

The information is on - a worthy site.

Click here for the homemade ginger ale recipe. Enjoy!

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