Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ShopLocal.com - compare local prices

Have you ever thrown away the sale circulars that you get in the mail and then realize that, indeed, you DO need to know what is on sale at the local JoAnn Fabric or Office Max?

This site has many of the big store circulars on line. You can also compare prices for specific items. You can also see the ads from your local newspapers.

This is a pretty big endeavor that has cost some big corporation a lot of money.... but is sure makes it easy on us.

Now, I'm not much one for buying at big name stores, but when I do, I hate to find out that the item I just bought at one store was on sale at another store. Yes.... they all say that they will give you the sale price of another store, but you have to KNOW it is on sale at another store. Now you can.

I wish there were more local non-chain stores on this site. Hopefully, the site will grow and there WILL be more small stores listed.

Meanwhile, if you must shop at JCPenny, Target, RiteAid, Walgreen, Ace Hardware, and the like, than at least you can check out all of their sales at once.

This site has portals for most of the major (and not so major - Altoona, PA) cities in the United States. ShopLocal.com


San Fernando Spinster said...

A few other options:

There are several chain restaurants outside the park, where you could eat like a princess for much less than the park food. Supposing you are there the minute the park opens (rule one, anyway) and plan on staying for the fireworks at night, you could use a little diversion during the heat of the day. A quick trip outside the gates to Mimi's Cafe or Red Lobster is just the air-conditioned trick to kill a little time and get refills on drinks. Just return to the parking garage and show your original parking receipt and you can return to the garage.

Also if you're into bargains, make sure you know about the Disney Surplus Outlet in Fullerton. They offer off-season Disney Park merchandise at a fraction of what it costs in the park.

For quicker entrance into the park, go without the purse, and you'll breeze through security. This does mean taking the credit card for lunch, but again, Mimi's and Red Lobster offer coupons so regularly, and both offer soup and salad combos for very little that it's worth it.

Also to maximize your visits, go on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. They tend to be less crowded. SoCal passes to Disneyland is by far one of the best bargains around, especially if you know how to make it work for you.

ShopLocal said...

Thanks Bobbi for the post. ShopLocal is one of the best local price comparison sites out there. In addition to www.ShopLocal.com, you can also follow us on Twitter http://Twitter.com/ShopLocalCom -- now you'll never miss a deal!