Sunday, January 24, 2010

Organic Fruits & Veggies delivered to your door

Want to know the best bargain? Good health. Think of the money that you save by having a healthy body. One of the things you can do to maintain good health is to eat organic fruits and vegetables.

After years of looking, I finally found a company that will deliver organic fruits and veggies right to my door! If you live in California, you can use them too. If you don't live in California, check out the list at the end of this article to find an organic delivery service in your area.

I've tried going to the Farmer's Market, but I seem to never be in the right neighborhood at the right time. Plus, I've got to say that I spend every last penny (literally) that I have when I go to the farmer's market. The urge to impulse buy is just too much for me.

I also considered joining a group that had a weekly drop off time at a local park. This seemed like a good idea, but it would have meant dedicating my Saturday mornings to picking up this produce and I just didn't want to do that.

Finally, I found Farm Fresh to You. I'm very happy with my experience with this group.

Here is the deal.

1. You pick the kind of items you want - just fruit, just veggies or a mixed box of both.

2. You pick the size of the box.

3. You pick the frequency of delivery.

4. You can cancel at any time.

5. They deliver to your door in recyclable boxes. You don't have to be home to receive shipment.

6. You can mark permanent exclusions for items you never want.

7. You can check out the list of items in this week's shipment ahead of time and make changes.

8. They have great customer service. If there is a mistake, they gladly will make up for it.

9. All organic. All local farmers.

10. Items look and taste great.

11. Their prices are not super cheap, but organic food never is. However, for the quality, the savings on gas and time PLUS no impulse buys on my part, I think this is a great deal.

I really like this service. I think you might like them also. So, here is how you can try them out and get a discount.

Go to and check out the info on the site. When you are ready to sign up, click on sign up. Enter promo code 6164 and you will get $5 off your first order.

Where it says "How did you hear of us" click on "other." If you then put in "other/detail" the numbers 104380, I will get a credit. This would be a nice validation for me and help support my blog.

Unfortunately, Farm Fresh to You only delivers in California. However, other areas have similar programs.

Seattle, Washington area - New Roots Organics
New York, NY - Urban Organic
Colorado, Michigan, Kansas City & New England - Door to Door Organics
London, England - The Organic Delivery Company
Melbourne, Australia - Organic Angels

If you are not in any of these areas, you can search the term "organic food delivery"+"name of your area" and see what comes up.

Please let me know if you use Farm Fresh to You and how it works for you. If you use another service, please place a comment so that others can learn from you.

Here's to good veggies and good health.

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Serge said...

This is definitely a win-win situation as the consumers get to enjoy great organic food at prices they can afford as they get to support their local farmers as well.