Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Support your local closeout store

I am always on the look out for new closeout stores. Little shops that some entrepreneurial sort has found the guts to open up.

My favorite store of all time - Gabriel Brothers - was just a little hut at the end of a dead end alley the first time I ever saw it. Now it there are dozens of Gabriel Brothers stores spread throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland. Their slogan is "Gabes - you've got to love it" and it is true. There is nothing like Gabes.


Every once in awhile I see the glimmer, the spark, the possibility of another Gabes. A place where you can get brand new, name brand clothes at truly deep discount.

Recently, I was crossing through a strip mall parking lot and lo and behold there was a new store with the cherished words "closeout" on a sign in the window.

Had to check it out.

Well, I met the charming Rosa Patricia Macias who is the owner of Paty's Discount Closeout Store.

Rosa is trying... she is really trying to have a store that has great deals.

I found a brand new cardigan-type chain knit sweater that clasps at the top. I love it. It is perfect. It cost $7.99. I am happy.

The store is on the corner of Gladstone and Hubbard in Sylmar, California. She is open 10am to 8pm most days.

So, is this the very best closeout store that I was ever in? No. But, it is good and it has possibilities. I found something I liked and I think most people will. Only by supporting the little startup independent closeout stores will they have a chance to survive.

The store phone number is 818-362-6448. When you go into Paty's, be sure to tell her that you read about the store on Bobbi's Bargains.

Do you have a local closeout store or consignment store in your area? Please leave a comment with their address so that other people can support your local store. If they can't pay their rent, then they can't keep looking for bargains for us.

Happy Bargain Shopping!

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Laura Sherman said...

Great article. Thanks!

I have a gift closet, where I store gifts I buy throughout the year for different occasions.

Close outs are a great opportunity to store up for my gift closet! I especially love it when a toy store has a clearance sale. Sometimes you can get things 90% off!

Your other article about planning is so perfect. You can save soooo much money if you just plan for holidays and birthdays!