Friday, April 20, 2007

Big Lots - Closeout Retailer

Big Lots, with locations all across America is a closeout retailer.

What is a closeout retailer? Per the Big Lot website:

"Closeouts are the same first-quality, brand-name products found at other retailers, but at substantially lower prices. We buy closeout merchandise from manufacturers who want to reduce inventory as a result of package changes, canceled orders, product discontinuation or test market products."

What this translates into, for you, the bargain shopper, is an ever changing inventory of stuff that didn't make it off the shelf of the store it was originally sold to. Why? Maybe because the packaging was the wrong color, maybe because the shipment came in too late, maybe because the shop didn't promote... or maybe because it is a yucky product. But... because the smart people at Big Lot were able to buy it for a cheap-cheap price.... you get a chance to buy it at a discount price.

I think it is fun to go into Big Lots when I just feel like I need to find a good bargain. My favorite aisle is the Stationery Aisle - home of craft supplies. I found some wonderful paint-by-numbers sets for $2.99 the last time I was at Big Lots. I bought a few for my "Emergency Birthday Party Present Box." A few days ago I was at Michael's Art Supply store and saw the exact same kits for $14.99. Now, that's what I consider a good deal.

You can't go to Big Lots with a shopping list (until you are very familiar with their inventory), but you can and will find all sorts of things you just KNEW you needed.

Find a Big Lots location near you.... enjoy!

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