Monday, April 2, 2007

Proctor and Gamble Freebies and Promotions

Proctor and Gamble... makers of Pringles, Charmin, Pampers, Tide, Durecell, Iams Pet Food, and on and on... have lots of promotions and freebies.

I just found a page on their website where they list their latest freebies and promotions. There are free samples, tips and contests. They are currently running a contest to write a new Jingle for Pringles. Winner gets a trip to the 2007 "American Idol™" Finale in Hollywood! Oh boy... you could visit me and sing me your winning jingle. I happen to know that a few of my readers are great song writers and COULD win this. (You know who you are.... so click here and start writing!)

I suggest that you don't try to find this page from their homepage... it's not the easiest to find. Just click here for the latest Proctor and Gamble Freebies and Promotions.


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