Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Free Movie Screenings - Los Angeles area

One of the best things about living near Hollywood is that there are a lot of movie screenings available. However, finding a way to get invited to those screenings can be pretty tricky.

Being the Bargain Queen that I am, I have a way to get my readers on a very special list so they will be invited to free movie screenings. These screenings take place in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County areas (of Southern California.) You get to choose your area.

There are movie screenings going on all the time. Once you are on "the list" you will get email notice of the name, location and date/time of upcoming screenings about 4 days ahead of time. You choose which ones you want to attend. However, if you say you are going to go to a screening and then don't go... you will be taken off the list. The "ticket" is always good for at least two people - sometimes more. Sometimes you even get free popcorn and a drink. Sometimes the screenings are in the private screening theatres on the major studio lots. Nice!

Unfortunately, I can't post the link here.

You have to email me at and ask for it. Put "free movie screening request" in the subject line.

Once I receive an email from you requesting the Free Movie Screenings information with your name and email address, I can then send you instructions on how to get on this list. I promise I will NEVER give this information to anyone and you can use a nickname if you want. I will, however, automatically put you on my email list once you request this. If you don't want to be on my email list, let me know and I won't put you on the list ... and I will still send you the free movie screening information. But... why would anyone want to opt out of MY email list??

OK... this is the best deal of the day. Don't pass it up.

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