Monday, January 14, 2008

Ease your pain without a pinch to your purse

There is a terrific product that I have been using for several years now. It is called "Naturally Painless." This is an all natural topical pain reliever spray. Whew! What a mouthful.

Instead of popping over-the-counter pain medication (tylenol, advil, motrin, whatever...) you just spray this stuff on the effected area.

For instance: I had a headache... so, I sprayed it on the base of my neck. Instantly, my headache went away.

My teenage daughter had cramps. She sprayed Painless across her belly from ovary to ovary. Again, instant relief.

My throat was sore, so I sprayed on the front of my neck. Within a short period of time, the pain was gone. Wow... this stuff goes deep into the body to relieve inflammation. Cool!

My son (the skateboarder) badly banged up his toe/foot... bad enough to go get xrays on Christmas day. (Oh sure, THAT was fun!) It was swollen and terribly discolored. It wasn't broken - thank goodness, but the doctor said it would take 2 weeks to heal and to stay off of it for that long. We iced it and sprayed Painless on it 4-5 times a day. Within FOUR days, it was not swollen, it was not discolored, there was no pain and he was skating again.

I've got more stories (I've been trying to see how many uses there are for this stuff)... but I will spare you.

But.... and here is the reason that I am writing about this on my blog. This stuff usually sells for $37.50 for a 2 oz. bottle (well worth the price) but, for some reason, the manufacturer has put it on sale on their website ( for only $19.95 a bottle! I'm talking DEAL!!!! I have no idea how long it will be at that price.

I just had to tell you because this is my absolutely favorite first aid supply. Check it out. Hope you don't need to use it much.

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KJ said...

Hey, this is awesome! Thanks for the link - I had some, but lost their info and have an old phone number. I'm ordering more, this stuff works so well.

Just a note - don't use on diaper rash. It does not feel good on broken skin. Learned the hard way.