Friday, January 11, 2008

Paper Back Book Swap

When I was in junior high, my best friend's Grandmother was addicted to romance novels. Somehow or another, several boxes of her used paperbacks landed in the basement of my friend's house. We spent a summer in the cooler temperatures of the basement reading dozens of romance novels.

I learned some important things things:*

1. Romance novels don't have a lot of different plots.
2. People actually spent money buying these books and then have to get rid of them because they are not going to read them again.
3. If you want to read some romance novels without paying for them, just wait until someone else has finished the one they bought and then ask them for it.

Well, someone else must have learned this lesson too and expanded upon it to include ALL paperback books, because there is now Paper Back Swap online.

Now this is truly a very cool idea for anyone out there that consumes paperback books and then hates to just put them in the garbage can (VERY non-politically correct) or too lazy to take them to Goodwill AND who would like to get some more paperback books in exchange for them.

This site really makes the best of what the internet is about (in my bargain view of the world). You can find someone across the country that has a book that you want and then someone can find the book that you have and "SWAP" - everyone is happy - for just the price of postage. They even have printing the wrapping, address and postage all computerized.

Go and check this site out. Even if you are NOT smothered in paperbacks, you just might want to give this a try.

*Later in the life, I learned that life is not like a romance novel.... but that is another post.

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