Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hear Susan Boyle's new single - White Horses

The Lady is not disappointing us. Just "leaked" - the single "White Horses" from her upcoming album "I Dreamed a Dream." The album has topped the best selling album charts, yet isn't set to be released for another two months! You can pre-order the album here or click on the link to my recommends on the top right hand corner of this page.

At the time that I got this link from YouTube, there were only 169,473 views after being posted for about a day. However, this song is posted on a zillion places, so I expect it has already been heard and loved by millions.

Here is a clip of Susan arriving in Los Angeles the day that the single was released.

For those of you who somehow or another never heard of SuBo (Susan Boyle), here is the post that I originally wrote just days after Susan gave the performance that changed her life forever.

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Lynne said...

Watch tonight 9-16-09) on Americas Got Talent. She will be performing this new song. Can't wait to hear it!