Monday, September 14, 2009

Save Philly's Free Library System

I just found out that Philadelphia is "threatening" to close down their Free Library System on October 2, 2009, due to lack of funds.

People of Philadelphia and the United States... Wake UP!!

The Free Public Library system is one of the best uses of my tax dollars. I have personally saved well over a quarter of a million dollars by using the Public Library System. Inside a library, anyone can learn about anything. The books don't have to be approved by the state. YOU don't have to be approved by anyone to sit in a library and drink of the knowledge of the ages. Even if closing the libraries is just a "ploy" to get money... what a scary ploy. How can we all just sit here and go, "Oh yes, that's fine. Close down our libraries. No biggie. We have the internet."

You have to understand that a library is more than just a place where you can check out a free book. A library is the keeper of the knowledge. It is a place in the community where knowledge is important. A place where there is agreement that knowledge is power. It is a place where you can meet. It is a safe place for your children to go after school. It is a symbol that we are a free nation with free ideas and free speech. Libraries don't cost that much to run. Out of the billions and TRILLIONS that are being spent on destructive programs and bailouts, how can there not be enough money to keep the lights on in our libraries?

You must ask yourself.... "Who would benefit from a population that doesn't have access to knowledge?"

People of Philly.... have you lost sight of what Freedom consists of? Ensure your libraries stay open and free!

Click here to find out what you can do to help.

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