Monday, September 14, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping links and tips

I just LOVE thrift stores. Nothing like stumbling upon a great thrift store while strolling through a undiscovered area of any town.

The only thing that beats finding a new great thrift store is finding a new great article with links on how to FIND new and great thrift stores. Let's face it... you can stumble around many a town looking for a thrift store and not find it without a map. Kind of like the fellas who were trying to find a waterway through the American continent. I'm sure they would have liked a link to a nice google map.

Well, the good folk at Webfloss (great site for all kinds of nifty thrifty ideas) wrote an article on how to shop at a thrift store. The article outlines some very good shopping strategies (especially if you have kids).

One of the tips is to check for functionality - make sure that the zippers, snaps, and buttons are in place and working. I know I need to do this and yet, just the other day I failed to check and ended up with this fabulous hoodie with a broken zipper. Now I have to decide whether to cut it into rag material or replace the zipper. Replacing the zipper will cost more than I paid for the hoddie. Oh, how I wish I had just checked the zipper in the first place.

The article ends with links to sites that help you find thrift stores in your area.

Some of these links were brand new to me!! Yes... imagine!!

My favorite way to find a new thrift store is still The Thrift Shopper which I wrote about here. But some of the other links are worthy of perusal (Goodwill locations, Thrifty Planet, and Habitat for Humanity stores.

If you are a thrift shop owner or a fan of a particular thrift shop, then I suggest you get yourself listed on all of these links.

If you are a thrift store shopper, then don't leave home without consulting some of these links to see what new great thrift shop might be on the block next to where you are headed.

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I'm with you! I love Thrift stores!!